Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Stem Cell Membrane Patch Can SAVE Thousands of pregnancies

On Saturday 15th April 2010 Phil and I tragically lost our first born baby, Sinead.  

My pregnancy was going perfectly, until the day I lost my waters, so I thought....

  • One of the hardest aspects of losing Sinead is that there is no medical intervention although on the very day our daughter lay dead, one consultant took the please to tell us there was a emergency stitch, and asked me why this was not inserted, 
  • Little too late to be telling us this WHEN our baby laid in a cupboard dead. 
  • Lack of education and lack of choices as like ourselves offered a termination, although I am a catholic, many mistakes were made, one being given a tablet which causes losses, we will always have that BUT if 
  • We know had they listen to us, that we could of been to still have my first born with us, management plans can help to carry to 34 weeks, and also errors made prior to my complications which could of avoided us dealing with this condition. 
  • The memories are as livid as they were 5 years ago, I have constant flash backs, and find it extremely difficult to express myself these days. 
  • As a result we are passionate about funding research into why PPROM exists, and how to educate others, through raising awareness and being in a number of network groups, felt extremely passionate about doing something about this. 

Only way we can achieve this project is for you to donate https://www.justgiving.com/resealppromUK/

Or donate here 

Donate http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/little-heartbeats-raising-awareness-on-pprom-/337480

We contacted the consultant running the research called 
Dr Anna David, and we have to say, is one of the most passionate caring consultants we have met through our journey, and we asked her how much remaining was left to fund this, and too run this research they need 25k. 

I'm PPROM Aware Wristbands - £1.50 plus 37p paypal costs and postage UK post: £1 overseas £3.25, pay via pay pal little.heartbeats@mail.com 

We also have more research projects plan, but we not like to reach our first target

While raising all this awareness we felt it was so important to gaining the right information to parents, we were told our loss was due to group b strep, as I happen to be ill with group b strep, BUT group b strep was not the cause for us losing the baby, 

The main cause was due to PPROM, my waters went too soon, and when we reported this, the midwife did not believe us and sent us home, a week later our first born baby had died during child birth. I gave birth to my daughter crying throughout the process, I cried that much, the pain I endured was not notice, I am very vague on my experience as we have a ongoing complaint, all we wish for is a independent review so PPROM can be dealt with as a emergency 

So we invested in a webpage so we can let other parents know what premature rupture of membranes is, we are now hoping to set up as a charity which is run when we are not working, 

www.little-heartbeats.org.uk We need to raise 5k to have this up and running - to support us for this pay via paypal at little.heartbeats@mail.com

Recently one of our mums lost her baby at 34 plus weeks and now has informed she may not bear a child, which is why we are keen to getting our voices heard, our WORLDWIDE petition, which allows you to have your voice heard. 


We are also selling I'm PPROM aware t-shirts via a company called tboom 
Completing in the London Marathon 2015 if no injury occurs, and doing a skydive while dealing with PTSD and stress mental health condition, which up to date, have felt a shamed to admit as I know people can be so judgemental. 

We have already completed the in Manchester 10k, Great North Run, London Marathon 2013

*** Watch our video 


UCLH Giving Text telephone number: 70070 
with the words:PROM49 
with your amount,£1  

We want to raise for our first project 30k 

To donate to Little Heartbeats donate to little.heartbeats@mail.com via paypal 

  • In memory for all our babies that did not make it 

  • For all our pprom mums to be on bed rest 

  • For all our miracle babies fighting in neonatal 

Please donate as much or as little as you can, any contribution is hugely appreciated. 

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving - they'll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they'll send your money directly to the charity. So it's the most efficient way to donate - saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

UCLH Research
As you see on our Daily Mail link above, 

UCLH have a amazing research project which plans to develop a way to heal the amniotic membranes after they rupture.

We want you to support us, for all babies born premature, and for all babies born too soon due to PPROM which stands for Preterm Prelabour (premature) Rupture of Membranes.
- We need over £30k to get them to the full amount needed for this amazing project. If you can be part of the team to get us here please join our team, each penny will be added to this.
- Six out of 100 babies in the UK are born prematurely, before the 37 week of pregnancy. Babies may be born early because a women goes into labour spontaneously. But sometimes babies need to be born early because they are having problems in the womb, such as poor growth for example. Improvements in the care of newborns mean that most premature babies survive and grow up normally despite being born so early. However some babies have long term health problems as a result of being born premature.
- Our understanding of premature birth is limited and that is why more research is vital. We research why some women go into labour early by studying the role of infection, the response to infection and the natural antibiotics in the vagina. We are developing therapies that could reduce a woman’s risk of going into premature labour. We are testing out new treatments to help babies grow in the womb. 
  • Your donation will help to support our current research programme, which is:

  • - Stem membrane patch project 
  • - Developing tests to improve prediction of premature births (£50 per sample)
  • - Analysing the levels of bacteria in urine (£75 per sample)
  • - Examining immune blood cells in women who have their baby premature  (£150 per sample)
  • - Developing new drug and stem cell treatments that could heal the amniotic membrane when it ruptures early (£200 per sample)
  • - Testing the response of the amniotic membrane to repetitive stretching to find out why they rupture early in some women (£500 per sample)
  • - Testing new drugs to help small babies grow better in the womb (£1000 per experiment)
Each of these studies involves carrying out tests on 50 to 100 women.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our JustGiving page.

#pprom #prematureruptureofmembranes #babyloss #savelives 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page

Friday, 3 April 2015

Help with Australia mum to be whose waters have broken while taking a holiday in Brazil, can you help ?

We raise awareness on Pprom, and we be contacted by a mum to be who had just Pprom at 24 weeks.

Big issue is she was away on holiday in Brazil, and lives in Australia, so can you share this blog on your wall, as we just seeing how many people would be behind her,

( Pprom is when your waters break early in pregnancy / premature rupture of membranes )

At the moment she is 24 weeks and at moment bleeding, she is debating whether or not to fly and just checking with doctors for their thoughts, its about a 16 hour journey then a stop over, then a other 15hour flight back home.

So you can see her concerns, if she stays then its the costs of accommodation, then its the costs of when baby is born.

If she fly's, she is at high risk of going in premature birth, which is concerning for baby and mum.

The insurance company as far as she knows will be paying for this weeks stay in the hospital, and waiting to find out if they pay for the rest if she decides to stay put,

But then they will need the costs of neonatal / nicu as the insurance company will not pay for the costs of her new born baby in which they cannot afford.

We have suggested we set up a go fund page for her, as I believe we will get help for funding for this.

Our question would be, 

How many would be willing to donate for her to stay put and costs for treatment for nicu / neonatal for when baby is here as the insurance company does not pay for baby once here, only for the mum? Who would be willing to donate to help this family?

We know it will not be cheap and its being away from home, its a very tricky situation to be in, has anyone else been in this situation before ?

1. What would you do?

2. Who be willing to help us raise funds for this family and offer support 

3. Please comment on our blog or our facebook page

4. Anyone willing to write a letter of support please get in touch with us so we can past this on


This mum is reading our posts as we speak on our facebook page, please offer your support and comment see our post: https://www.facebook.com/PpromAwarenessUK

Our webpage http://www.little-heartbeats.org.uk