Thursday, 24 September 2015

Little Heartbeats PPROM awareness

You don't need to be alone any longer 

If you are dealing with PPROM
On bedrest, dealing with neonatal, dealing with PPROM baby loss 
then do get in touch with us by sending us a private message on our Facebook page here

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Thunderclaps to raise awareness

It takes one second to do, and mean an awful lot to us Pprom parents if you can support and follow our Thunderclap

Link is here

take the time to watch our videos....

why this is important to us...

Watch our PPROM video here 

Guess what babies do survive, if the RIGHT Care is given 
watch here 

Our thunderclap is here --->>>>>

Thank you for supporting our cause 

Raising awareness of a life changing pregnancy condition can you help us raise awareness tonight ? 

We are nearly at 2000 views on our top video can you make it happen? 

also we are now short of 25 people for our social media thunderclap to work 

can you follow this tonight? 

our thunderclap page to follow

our donation page

we are local to the area, and hoping to have a xmas show on soon too, just this week getting over surgery as just had a other baby loss, even though this time it was a missed miscarriage, the heartache is pretty hard to take in 

my blog

to date by raising awareness we have saved babies lives, we hope more can be saved by others helping to spread awareness and following our page

Raising funds to make a difference

We have shared this so many times, and we really feel very passionate about it, but no matter what we do, we just not getting funds in, running out of ideas, and wondering how do we change this, so we are gaining the support?