Thursday, 25 August 2016

Davinia story of PPROM

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For all going through PPROM now, this is Davinia Watson El Hosseini story of hope, her little baby Faris made it but WOW what a story.

We are working very hard to raise PPROM awareness and gain some changes, so please if you can sign our petition, everyone can no matter where you are based can sign this:-

We have also now sent over 100 PPROM information packs inclusive of our heartbeat animals which record the baby heartbeat to mums who are now pregnant and dealing with PPROM in pregnancy as it is the unknown and we want other mums dealing with this know they are not alone, that all of these support groups exist and it is possible to bring home your baby.

These are sent on, request and our team are working very hard behind the scenes to make sure we can afford to do this. Therefore if you are going through PPROM right now, do let us know, all we ask is to give us at least 7 working days, we send out from the UK, USA and Australia
Little Heartbeats - Making Pprom Awareness

The reason I set up Little Heartbeats was the way I was treated and how I feel can be seen on our video on the petition site, sadly I did not get to bring my little one home but because of our work, others have brought their baby's home and for all those who have loss we are doing our uppermost to let them know they are not alone and they can get through it.

Just some of our supporters are here,!our-supporters-we-are-pprom-aware/ck6w

see this video on YouTube the more who take the time to watch the more awareness we can get and hopefully gain the 100,000 signatures

If anyone would like to share their story of PPROM with us do get in touch.

Note, if you are in the UK and love to meet some of our team we are going to the Baby Show in Manchester which has over 11,000 visitors, so awesome to be listed on this any one who would love to volunteer to handing out flyers and educate others on PPROM in pregnancy do get in touch see our listing here

(not many will unless it happens to them, so thank you to all who do donate)