Sunday, 27 November 2016

Water challenge for pprom awareness

PPROM In pregnancy awareness, which is when your waters break before 37 weeks of pregnancy.
Our Drink Water challenge for PPROM awareness is on, and here is our page,
here is why everyone should join in!!
Everyday a new mom PPROM, which is when your waters break before 37 weeks of pregnancy, this is associated with 40 percent of premature births
Little Heartbeats - Making Pprom Awareness we support pregnant mothers through pprom in pregnancy
regardless of their outcomes and regardless of where our mothers live, we are here, this year we have sent over 130 pprom information packs which we send out on request, as with anything else this all cost to do, we also have to keep our website going which we always tell stories of both sides of pprom in pregnancy, some babies will make it and sadly some will not. We know our work is helping families Worldwide....
PPROM has two outcomes, either our families will take home their babies or sadly lose them,
Here are our
PPROM Success stories,
Here are our loss stories,
Baby loss stories,
99 percent of our mothers NEVER knew about PPROM and knew it could happen to them, we all thought once we are past 12 weeks we be fine and that we be bringing home our babies.
How Wrong were we!!!!
Sadly in April 2010, PPROM happen to me, and I lost my Sinead to this, and I when I kissed her for the VERY last time, I whispered to her, mummy is going to change how PPROM Is treated in pregnancy.

Well 6 1/2 years later we now send PPROM information packs out, and we support moms, dads to be, and their families through pprom in pregnancy, when we have success stories it is a wonderful feeling, it is an amazing feeling :)
Sadly when one of our families lose their pprom baby it hits home like it was our baby, and we always want to strive to do more.

One of the thing we always advise our pregnant mums/moms to drink plenty of fluids, so we thought we will encourage all to drink a glass of water each day,
We want everyone Worldwide to get involved and drink a glass of water, and show us how they drink there's
We like to raise funds to keep Little Heartbeats - Making Pprom Awareness going, to ensure we can keep sending our pprom information packs out Worldwide and also pay for more PPROM awareness flyers see photos below, and also invest in the stem cell patch research project which is looking at finding an invention to reseal the membranes.
We would love it if you can join in our challenge so that we can carry on doing the followng,
1. Raise awareness of PPROM in pregnancy, so people know the importance of the membranes and how it feels to be one of our pregnant pprom mothers who all want to bring home their baby in their arms and not a box
2. To raise funds for Little Heartbeats - Making Pprom Awareness to a. invest in PPROM Posters for every hospital Worldwide
b. to invest in our pprom packs for every single mother who pproms, so she knows that she is not alone
c. to invest in educating all about PPROM in pregnancy and we love to do more too, but this is a good start.
3. to raise funds for the Stem cell patch to reseal the membranes, because whats the membranes have been broken the risk of infection is high both to baby and the mother, and can lead to other complications, one to many baby have died to pprom including my first born baby Sinead back in April 2010.

It says we should drink six to eight glasses of fluid a day. Water, lower fat milk and sugar-free drinks including tea and coffee all count. ( If you are pregnant it says decaff coffee and tea)

We always say coconut water is brilliant for our pregnant pprom mothers too,

At the moment this week, sadly I had to say goodbye to my third angel, although it was not to PPROM, it still hurts, but it also shows how vital our work is at Little Heartbeats - Making Pprom Awareness and that PPROM awareness is vital, because when we have Heartbeats, we have hope,

Anyone can take part in our challenge
you do not need to pledge but if you would like to donate you can do as follows
1. For the stem cell patch to reseal the membranes, you can do here,
or join our team here,
more information is here on the research project,
* the UCLH is a registered charity
2. To support PPROM awareness, help us send posters and flyers Worldwide, invest in PPROM information packs Worldwide, and invest in our work you can donate here,
* we are not yet a charity but working very hard to gain this, we like to have a branch of Little Heartbeats - Making Pprom Awareness to ensure we can send out PPROM Packs, and do presentations Worldwide, and also invest in more research, support is vital!!!
to support both UCLH stem cell patch and Little Heartbeats - Making Pprom Awareness you can do here,